by The Dead Souls

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"Night" was recorded in March 2013, in Vermont.
Produced and mixed by The Dead Souls.


released September 2, 2013

Etienne - Vocals, guitars & drum programming.
Kevin - Bass & drum programming.

Cover art is a photograph titled "Ghost" by Jordan Burch.



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The Dead Souls Vermont

The Dead Souls is a post-punk duo that began in 2008. Located in the frozen lands of northern New England.

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Track Name: Rituals of Dissent
I should of spoken
You're eyes they sound the bells
Those eyes they shouted
But I was too blind to care
I should of answered
To all your subtle moves
These days they keep lighting
But I always seem to loose

Just take me away
And break me apart

I should of turned my head
And watched your youthful stare
I should have seen it come
But I was too gone to care
I know that you were on to me
Like I was on to you
All the signs were in favor
I just didn't know what step to do
Track Name: The Other Side
I've made a new condition
To hell with all ambition
We'll ride the streets at night
We'll reach the furthest light
Away from all confusion
Time has always been an illusion
We'll play another game
This night things won't be the same

I've made a sweet surprise
Can I look into your eyes?
You'll stumble and i'll wake
My lips are yours to take
Silence drives me closer
No single soul knows her
We'll play another game
This night things won't be the same
Track Name: Partial Truths
I see your reflection,
you're looking at me
Again and again I feel this emotion
Why can't you let me stare into those eyes?

I'm trying to show you,
this hatred inside
Again and again I see different motions
Why can't you just take me far away?
Track Name: Exposed
I remember a place
where you use to be
A forgotten face,
a forbidden space
Across the hall,
outside the door
There was a place
where you were before.

Time just calls your name,
memory fades
The night are all the same,
and you're to blame
You see me down there
with your smile of gold
My skin is so bare,
my hands are cold.
Track Name: Falling
I find you in the darkest corners
Hidden from deceit
I stretch the whole of time
Just to kiss your feet.

I find you wasting away
Falling into an abyss
You fall in endless doubt.
Track Name: Night
has come
You feel,

sits beside you
You feel,